Brithstones and Anniversaries





January:   Garnet

February:   Amethyst

March:   Aquamarine

April:   Diamond 

May:   Emerald 

June:   Pearl,   Alexandrite 

July:   Ruby 

August:   Peridot,   Sardonyx,   Spinel 

September:   Sapphire 

October:   Tourmaline,   Opal

November:   Topaz,   Citrine 

December:   Tanzanite,   Zircon,   Turquoise


For more information on the Birthstones from the American Gem Society click here Birthstones





10th:   Tin,   Aluminum 

15th:   Crystal 

20th:   China 

25th:   Silver 

30th:   Pearl,   Diamond 

35th:   Coral,   Jade 

40th:   Ruby 

45th:   Sapphire 

50th:   Gold 

55th:   Emerald 

60th:   Diamond